Madonna skriver på Instagram:

Their are those who want to shut me up but they cannot!

We still live in a world that discriminates against women. Their are people that are so hateful. They want to create feuds between strong women that do not exist! I do not wish ill will towards any other female artist and i never have!

The World is big enough for all of us!

I will fight for my rights as an artist, a human and a woman till the end of my days! Because i am a ❤️#rebelheart and i walk in the footsteps of giants and i will not apologize or defend my unpublished, unfinished, STOLEN work.

If you don’t like who i am or what I have to say then why are you reading this? #unapologeticbitch.

P.S. Do not post hateful words about other people on my page either. If you are my fan speak no evil! #livingforlove

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