Doktor förklarar #corona för amerikaner

Överläkaren Jonas Ekström som jobbar på Västmanlands sjukhus i Sala förklarar i en rant på sin Twitterkanal om coronaläget i Sverige för amerikaner med anledning av Donald Trumps uttalande om Sverige och hans syn på coronaläget i vårt land.

Texten är tydlig och så informativ att fler än amerikaner kan ha nytta av den om nuläget gällande coronaviruset (covid-19) i Sverige så jag väljer att publicera den även här på min blogg.

Dear American friends! Since we’ve received a lot of attention lately, I would like to give you some facts and figures on the ’situation in Sweden’ regarding the #coronavirus and #covid19.

A total of 10 483 cases have been confirmed in Sweden (10 230 000 citizens) as of 12th April, 899 have died. As a comparison, New York City (8 399 000 citizens) has 6 898 confirmed deaths due to #covid19.

The majority of cases (4 397) are in the Stockholm capital region, which is the home for 2 344 000 of Sweden’s 10 230 000 citizens. In the Stockholm region, 1039 patients with #covid19 are currently hospitalized of which 220 in the ICU.

Currently, 517 patients are receiving intensive care in Sweden’s hospitals. There are still available beds, and more units are being prepared throughout the country. Unlike some countries, everyone in Sweden has access to healthcare regardless of income. #covid19

The total number of new cases per day in Sweden looks like this (data from the Swedish CDC): #covid19 #coronavirussweden

The testing in Sweden was initially restricted to patients with symptoms admitted to hospital, due to shortage of test material. That is now resolving and last week 17 700 individuals were tested. A total of 54 700 individuals have been tested. #covid19 #coronavirussweden

Some have portrayed that life in Sweden goes on as usual. That is not true. We do not have a complete lock-down of society, instead a lot of responsibility is put on each individual to help decreasing the spread by practise social distancing. #covid19 #coronavirussweden

Universities are closed, many work from home, people refrain from seeing friends and family. Unnecessary travel is avoided. The authorities’ advice is followed to a high degree. #covid19 #coronavirussweden

The #covid19 pandemic puts a lot of stress on societies and the health care systems in all parts of the world, Sweden being no exception. The ’situation in Sweden’ is currently ok. Let’s focus on fighting this global pandemic the best we can. Together. #coronavirussweden

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